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About Us

Encore Marketing International is the most experienced provider of revenue enhancement solutions to retail, catalog and internet merchants.

Since 1978, Encore has helped hundreds of partners find hundreds of millions in hidden profits...while extending core product sales and enhancing customer loyalty.

We create, own and service the industry's largest roster of consumer benefit programs, which may be offered on a stand-alone basis or custom-branded and configured.

With operations in the US and Europe, Encore is your one-stop provider of domestic and international revenue enhancement solutions.

Our Team

Why Encore

Have you ever gazed into a starless portion of the late-night sky? Within moments, you see diamonds emerging from the blackness...

That's exactly how Encore views direct marketing today. We find opportunity for added revenue where others see nothing at all.

Through the magic of revenue enhancement in the post-transaction environment, Encore will craft a loyalty program that extends your brand—and connects with your customers—while delivering important new sources of profit.

Global Leader

Winning Process

Case Studies

Our Programs

Encore brings 30 years of membership club experience to the benefit of its partners. We build and service the industry's largest roster of consumer benefit programs, which may be offered on a stand-alone basis or custom-branded and configured.

Multi-Channel Solutions

Membership Clubs

Custom Loyalty Programs

Your Profits

A loyalty program from Encore profits your company in three vital ways.

Ease of Development — By leveraging our 30 years of experience, you'll get the right program for your business, deployed smoothly and professionally.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty — Encore provides "premium currency" to your customers that can only be spent on your products. More buying power makes them happy, and more spending pleases you.

Enhanced Profitability — A world-class loyalty program can significantly boost your company's profitability. Let Encore demonstrate how to add 7-8 figures to your bottom line.

Our Team

Encore has assembled a team of professionals — from four continents and a dozen nations — that is unmatched in our industry for talent, passion and commitment to excellence. You'll feel the "Encore difference" the moment you enter our corporate headquarters, or visit our award winning customer care centers. Encore stresses both a top-down and bottom-up approach to client service that ensures our entire organization is focused on your company's success.

As a new partner company, you will be provided a dedicated client service executive who oversees your entire relationship with Encore. From the initial design of your loyalty program, through its implementation and future refinement, this executive will be there for you. He or she is supported by a deep bench of specialists within our business development, marketing, catalog and web design, information systems, accounting, customer service and quality assurance departments.

Working together, these dedicated professionals help ensure your experience with Encore is not only profitable, but also smoothly orchestrated. Our Partner Support team members are in-turn supported by Encore's Senior Management team.

Global Leader

Encore Marketing International is the most experienced provider of revenue enhancement programs to the direct marketing industry. Founded in 1978, the company is based in suburban Washington, D.C., with operations in both the United States and Europe.

Encore develops, owns and services the industry's most complete roster of consumer benefit offerings, including: discount shopping; automotive; travel & leisure; home & garden; wealth building & management; fitness & beauty; identity & credit protection; pre-paid legal and health services. These programs may be offered by our partners on a stand-alone upsell basis, or embedded within custom-branded loyalty programs.

Encore's revenue enhancement solutions operate within all direct marketing environments, including e-commerce, retail, telemarketing, catalog sales and direct mail. Encore bears responsibility for the development, implementation and management of all partner programs, funding incremental revenues while driving future sales of their core products. Our partners bear no costs in the creation or operation of these programs.

Not to be overlooked, Encore is the industry leader in Quality Assurance and Customer Support, having earned the "Best in Class" service award from American Express in 2006.

Winning Process

Encore is committed to providing its partners with the gold standard in service and support. You'll notice the difference at each touch-point: from our respectful introductory contact, to the agency style proposal you receive, to our ongoing attentiveness to your needs and ideas, to the rapid implementation and smooth operation of your program.

Working closely with each new partner, Encore builds and manages a turnkey revenue enhancement solution. This solution may harness an existing Encore club, or be custom-tailored to the lifestyle and demographics of your customer base. Programs may be distributed under the Encore brand, or offered as a custom "loyalty program" to extend your company's brand.

Regardless of approach, Encore assigns a dedicated client service executive to each partner company. Coordinated by this executive–and at our own expense–we create, print and fulfill all physical program materials and catalogs, perform website construction and maintenance, furnish requisite support and training to your staff, and provide ongoing quality assurance and detailed reporting. The transparency of this reporting lets you monitor the performance of your company's program to ensure it is meeting economic and quality objectives.

By choosing a revenue enhancement solution from Encore, your business will add vital incremental revenues–and drive future sales of core products–while enhancing customer loyalty.

Case Studies

Study A: Cautious E-Tailer

Encore "Partner A" is an e-tailer with a highly visible and successful brand. They were naturally cautious about the use of this brand by third parties, and were sensitive to whether their customers' buying habits would be impacted by the additional purchase of a loyalty program. Adhering to Partner A's strict standards for program design, Encore launched its loyalty program on a test basis. The company carefully monitored the program's early economic performance, as well as backend feedback from their customers. Delighted with the test results, "Partner A" accelerated the full rollout of their loyalty program. This company now represents one of Encore's largest clients, budgeting 8 figures of incremental commission revenue from Encore in 2009.

Study B: Well-Known Catalog Merchant

Encore "Partner B" is a well-known catalog merchant employing both offline (inbound telemarketing) and online sales of specialty merchandise. Encore developed a custom loyalty program that extends the "look and feel" of this partner's distinctive branding. A cornerstone of this effort is the printing and fulfilling by Encore of a branded program catalog to each new member. This catalog includes free merchandising content for the partner and "premium currency" for the member that drives future sales of core products. Unlike Encore's competitors, this premium has no "breakage" elements, and can be used within minutes at an Encore-built and hosted partner microsite. Additionally, Encore wrote the scripts to be read by the call center sales reps, and developed all website creative. This program has added high 7 figures of incremental revenue to the partner's offline and online marketing channels.

Multi-Channel Solutions

Customers today take for granted the ability to transact via multiple channels. Retail, online, catalog, or telephone...your customers now determine how and when they make purchases. That's why Encore is the true multi-channel solution provider:

E-Commerce — We offer top-performing programs for the post-transaction environment. Generating higher click-through rates and conversions–by providing superior premiums that drive future sales–Encore programs yield higher profits for your business and greater customer satisfaction.

Catalog Sales — Encore will craft a custom-loyalty program that extends your brand, drives substantial incremental revenue, boosts future sales of core products, and deepens customer loyalty.

Inbound Telesales — Encore provides stand-alone upsells and custom loyalty programs offered by telesales agents in the post-transaction environment. Encore's programs are suitable for both in-house call centers and outsourced service bureaus.

Retail — We offer innovative concepts and programs that enable retailers to increase customer loyalty and profits, while driving future sales of core programs.

Direct Mail — For 30 years, Encore has led the direct mail industry in monetizing through revenue enhancement. Let us craft a winning program for your direct mail campaign.

Membership Clubs

Click on a club title to see a screen shot of that club.

EasySaver — The premier savings club, with discounted entertainment, travel, dining and shopping.

American Leisure — The premier savings club, with discounted entertainment, travel, dining and shopping.

Home & Garden Savings Club — The ultimate resource for homeowoners; a world of household discounts.

Preferred Health Card — Significant savings for your entire family on medical and vision care, laboratory services and prescriptions.

Identity Watch — Comprehensive protection from identity theft, fraud, internet and credit card abuse.

Protect-Your-Cards — Turn-key protection of your credit cards and rating. Includes 24/7 monitoring & support.

Fortune Builder — Your personal wealth building program through real estate, legal, trust and tax services.

Legal Guard — Affordable, pre-paid legal protection and document review, plus financial and tax counseling from Ernst & Young.

HomeSource — Optimize your real estate investing, for both personal and income use. Features discounted property listings, lending and credit support, plus savings on home products and services.

Poundsaver — Provides substantial savings at high street retailers across the UK including leisure and entertainment values.

Custom Loyalty Programs

Encore's revenue enhancement solutions range from stand-alone upsell clubs to custom-branded loyalty programs. Increasingly, we are seeing partner companies opt for customized programs, as they yield the following advantages:

True Brand-Extension — Encore develops program catalogs, micro-websites and telephone scripting that extend the look, feel, and tone of the partner's brand into the post-transaction environment.

Customer Confidence — Brand extension ensures customers never feel they've been abandoned to a third-party marketer or offering. This enhances customer confidence, thereby boosting program conversion rates and profitability.

Drive Future Sales — Encore loyalty programs feature proven, innovative methods that drive future sales of your core products.

Grow Company Profits — Through the magic of revenue enhancement in the post transaction environment, Encore can add 7-8 figures to your company's bottom line.

It's never been easier for your company to reap the benefits of a custom loyalty program. That's because Encore brings 30 years' experience to your side in this process. We'll focus attentively on your company's goals and concerns, while building and testing a turnkey program that is customized to the lifestyle and demographics of your customers.